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Feint Long III 0.5mm

Rating: Not Rated Yet

Butterfly Rubber Rating:

Speed: 6.0

Spin: 4.0

Sponge Density: 25

Description: A special feature of a long pimpled rubber is the wide range of spin that can be imparted on the ball, from heavy back spin to virtually no spin at at. Feint Long III provides the widest range of spin variation of long pimpled rubbers and is an suitable choice for attacking players who prefer to play close to the table and require wide spin variation. Furthermore this rubber is ideal for defensive players who need to impart heavy spin on the ball and is good in combination with a secondary rubber.

Manufacturer: Butterfly
Sales price: 59.00
Colour and Thickness


Feint Long III is the best choice for attacking players who prefer to play close-to-the-table and require a wide range of spin variation; furthermore, the rubber is also ideal for defensive players, who need to impart heavy backspin to the ball. 



Sponge Density





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